1. Wally VS Gino Romano (out) and Edna (out) vs Vicky
  2. Mitch (out) vs Marty and Rita (out) vs Maggie
  3. Roy (out) vs Alberto and Bruna Romano vs Penny (out)
  4. Carlo Romano vs Kingsley (out) and Cecilia VS Clover (out)
  5. Greg vs Cletus (out) and Zoe (out) vs Prudence
  6. Chuck (out) vs Taylor and Mary vs Clair (out)
  7. Franco (out) vs Big Pauly and Tohru vs Ivy (out)
  8. Nick (out) vs Cooper and Olga (out) vs Mandi
  9. Hugo (out) vs Allan and Mindy (out) vs Utah
  10. Timm vs Robby (out) and Sasha vs Lisa (out)
  11. Gremmie (out) vs James and Sue vs Kayla (out)
  12. Doan vs Connor (out) and Akari (out) vs Peggy
  13. Wally (out) vs Marty and Maggie vs Vicky (out)
  14. Carlo Romano vs Marty (out) and Cecilia vs Maggie (out)
  15. Carlo Romano vs Alberto (out) and Cecilia vs Bruna Romano (out)
  16. Carlo Romano (out) vs Cooper and Prudence VS Cecilia (out)
  17. Greg (out) vs Taylor and Mary (out) vs Prudence
  18. Cooper vs Taylor (out) and Mandi (out) vs Prudence
  19. Taylor (out) vs James and Peggy vs Mandi (out)
  20. Timm vs Allan (out) and Sasha (out) vs Utah
  21. James vs Timm (out) and Peggy vs Utah (out)
  22. Doan (out) vs James and Peggy vs Sue (out)
  23. Cooper vs Big Pauly (out) and Tohru (out) vs Mandi
  24. Finals: Cooper vs James (out) and Prudence vs Peggy (out)

Papa's Next Chefs were Cooper and Prudence. Sorry if I got the matches in the wrong order.